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Sabtu, 11 Juni 2016


 Destination: Jakarta - Thailand

·         Day/Date             : Sun-Thu/February 14th-February 18th
·         Budget/Person : Rp 2.000.000/Person
         Route                    : Jakarta (CGK) – Bangkok Don Mue Ang (DMA)

b     K.D. M Hotel
0,67 km from International Don Mueang Airport
Free Wifi
IDR 111.060/night 

Tourist Attraction in Thailand:
1.       Grand palace/ Wat Phra Kaew 
               This attraction is open daily starting at 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. .The entrticket price 500 Baht  or around 190.000 rupiah. The tickets are already included  tickets for other attractions namely Dusit Palace, Queen Sirikit Museum, Coin Museum, dan The Emerald Buddha.

2. Wat pho
Wat Pho is a must destination  because as the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, thetemple has Buddha statue bed (Reclining Buddha) is the longest in thailand, along 46m, the height is about 15m, made of brick, plaster, and a layer of gold, her feet were coated with 108 lakhsana (sacred symbol of Buddhism), made of pearls.

 3. Wat arun
Wat arun (Temple of Dawn) is a buddha temple located in the district of bangkok yaiprecisely in the west of the Chao Phraya river upsteam. Wat arun is considered one of the most famous of the man landmarks in Thailand, entrance fee for foreigners here 500 Baht.

4Pattaya beach
Pattaya is a city in Thailand, a beach resort popular with tourists and expatriates. Irish on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand about 100km (62mi) south east of Bangkok within but not part of Amphoe Bang Lamung in the province of Chonburi. When you enter pattaya beach you don’t have to pay ticket, that means free.
5. Chatuchak market
How to  market chatuchak is boat ride across the Chao Phraya River pay 3 Baht and then replace the boat to Saphan Taksin pay 15 Bath ride the BTS national stadium 37 Bath down in siam changing lanes mo chit BTS up to 42 tickets Bath from here lived the way to market chatuchak.


1.   Airplane ticket (JKT-Bangkok)-(Bangkok-JKT)                                                          IDR 950.000
2.   Hotel Reservation (3days, 3 night) IDR 111.060/night                                               IDR 333.180
 Destination : 
1. Grand Palace 500 Bacht                                                                                               IDR 190.000
2. Wat Pho 100 Bacht                                                                                                       IDR 38.000
3. Wat Arun 50 Bacht                                                                                                       IDR 21.000
4. Pattaya Beach                                                                                                               IDR 101.080
5      5. Chatuchak Market                                                                                                        IDR 5.500
      1. Boat to wat arun 3Bhat / IDR 2.000
2    2. Return bus ticket from bangkok  pattaya 266 Bhat
      3. Chao praya express boat 15 Bhat

                                                                                     Total Budget                     IDR 1.638.760

Tourism Assignment

Here are 3 places I would like to tell you, fellas.

1. Mekarsari Fruit Park

Mekarsari Fruit Park is a nice play for enjoying the weekend My family and I went on a trip to Mekarsari. It's located at Jalan Cileungsi - Jonggol Km.3 Cileungsi-Bogor. Beside enjoying the fresh fruits, visitors can also try to learn to grow crops. Tickets are fairly cheap that would be nice for visitors who want to enjoy the fresh fruits and picking their own way.

With the plant types that amounted to ± 78 family, 400 species & varieties 1438, it is Mekarsari garden of tropical fruit terkomplit in Indonesia.
Here is my photo with my little brother at the gate of Mekarsari Fruit Park

Visitors can start travel around by train to see a collection of existing plants.
Here is the train

During the tour we will pass some interesting objects, such as nursery areas, the area of plastic houses, vehicles outbound, vegetable gardens, fishing ponds, fruit trees in pots, garden tours melons, garden salak, rambutan, oranges, jackfruit, starfruit and others.
I didnt take a picture of mine. But here is my little brother at Melon's garden

2. Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden is located in BogorIndonesia It covers an area of 87 hectares (210 acres) and contains 13,983 different kinds of trees and plants of various origin. 
I went Bogor Botanical Garden with my mom and my little brother. We went there by bus.
Here is our picture in front of the gate of Bogor Botanical Garden

Then, we visited the Zoology Museum that contains 13,983 different kinds of trees and plants of various origin.
Here we are

And the most part that I loved from the garden is Water Garden that exclusively made for water and swamp plants, providing a perfect habitat for water lilies, fish and birds living in the park. There is also an observatory deck overlooking the water garden.


3. The Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah/TMII (literally translated: “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”) is a recreation area and park which is the synopsis of virtual aspects of Indonesian life, representing the cultures, natures and heritages of Indonesian people. TMII located at an area called Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, with total width of 165 hectares. I went there with my family, they were my mommy, my little brother, my uncle and my aunt with their 2 daughters.
Then, I, my little brother, my uncle and his two daughters enjoyed the sky lift cable car that has 3 stations. They will all pass the main lake, hence we can see the Miniature Indonesia Archipelago clearly from the sky.
And there were the traditional pavilions and buildings from 26 provinces in Indonesia. The pavilions are supplemented with ornaments and motifs from each territory. I didnt take any picture at it. Then, we visited Istana Boneka

Jumat, 22 Januari 2016

Ponds Conquer All

Ponds Conquer All

The story of this ads is a love story between its main character, they were Tom and Rose. They love each other but Tom’s mother doesn’t like Rose because Rose was poor and only a teacher. Around 6 years later, they met again and fell in love again. Tom’s mother gave order to her son to build a golf park in the place where Rose live and teach in. Rose got very angry. Rose was very shocked about this incident. And at the same time, Tom’s mother wanted to destroy the love tree. Rose tried to block it but Tom saved her. Tom’s mother saw this incident and got very shock and finally gave up and blessed their love.

We all could see that Rose’s face look brightest in the seventh day and there’s no black spots on her face. So, it’s mean that the beauty cream of Ponds worked very well. So, the message of the advertisement is by using Ponds flawless white, the girls will have brighter skin and flawless. So, girls will attract men and have such a good love story by using Ponds.

Pantene Advertisement

Analyze Pantene Product

In the second meeting, we got task again to analyze “Pantene” ads product. And Mr. Romel gave us 2 question to answer, here they are:

1.       Why this product use a girl as its model? (mean: why not men)

2.       Give the explanation between the story-line and the product and also its tagline “Berkilaulah Pantene.”
So, after discussed with my team, here are our answer

1.       About why this product use girl as its model, because girl tends to be more effective in grabbing attention and girl has more aesthetic value. So, that’s why this product use girl as its model.

2.       So, here our analysis

The story-line is about a deaf girl who wants to play violin but she got underestimated by people around her. She felt so hopeless, down, and insecure but then she met an old men who gave her a new spirit.

So, the explanation between the story-line and the product is everyone can shine even though they have disability. We believed why this product used this story-line because its tagline “Percayalah tak ada yang tak mungkin. Berkilaulah, Pantene.” So that’s why this product raised the impossible thing.

Thai's Insurance

This advertisement tell us about father’s love to his daughter although his daughter can not receive presence of her daughter cause her father could not talk and had disabilities. 

So, here they are 3 question gave by Mr. Romel for us to analyze

1.       Why this advertisement use a father and a daughter as its models? (mean:why not a mother with her son or mother with her daughter)

2.       Why in this ads use fear technique?

3.       In western, insurance is a must. But, why this ads show such as a poor family as its models?

So, here are my analysis

1.       First, why this ads use a father and his daughter, supposedly said daughters are closer to her father and sons are closer to mother. So, why this ads use father and his daughter? In my opinion, this ads want to show us that father could love and care to his daughter like mother do even though sometimes father looks never care and decisive.

2.       Why insurance ads use fear technique because it’s more effective to advertise insurance with using fear technique. With showing the case like this, it may remind us the bad case may happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Just in case we face it, we have the solution from this ads, the insurance want to attract people out there to open their eyes in the possibility of life that can happen on them. They also include in the video that if you join the insurance, you can have protection of your health and dead. That is why it’s very efficient to advertise insurance in that way, because it will attract many people to realize that it is very important for them to join the insurance.

3.       Why this ads show a poor family as its models? This ads was using a plain folks technique. Why using this technique? Because this ads want to show us that, this insurance is for anyone. This ads want to show us that anyone can join this insurance, not only for rich and not only for poor. Just to remid that bad things may hppen not only to poor people but also to rich.

Kamis, 14 Januari 2016

Analysis HiLo Ads

Hello pals, yesterday was the first meeting for my class, 1SA08 met Mr. Romel. And at that first meeting, we already given a task to analyse an advertisement. Yeah ofcourse to analyse an advertisement cause He taught us copywriting. So, me and my team choosed Hilo ads to analyse.

Here is the video for you guys to watch!
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/o7Pvg_hbosg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And about what will be analyzed, there were 5 things that we analysed, they were urgency, feasibility, mechanism, solvancy and hidden lies. And here they are...

Urgency                  : If you’re not tall enough between your friends and also feeling not confident with  your height, you should drink HiLo.
Feasibility               : The feasibility we can conclude fron this ads is if you don’t drink HiLo you will not grow taller. You will get a mock or bully by your friends. And you are not popular between your friends.
Mechanishm        : The mechanism of using this product is two times a day. First, when you wake up and before you sleep.

Solvancy                 : Get taller, more active, and there are many people will like you because you are tall. People will pay more attention to you.

Hidden lies            : This milk can’t make you taller if you don’t do exercise, eat properly, and do not have enough sleep.

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